Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Oi Família!

So we just spent 2:30 hours cleaning our apartment today. President said that we should do a deep clean on the first p-day of every month so our house is finally maggot free. And we have put a dent in the ant population. So today was a good day.

My companion was transfered. My new companion will be Elder Trevor Welling from Spokane Washington. He was in my MTC group so that will be fun to work together. Apparently he is having some problems so pray that I will be able to help him feel the spirit more in his life on the mission. Pray that I will have patience to help him. He is a really good Elder and I was a little surprised that Presidente told me about that so we will see if we can work together to help him.

Oh I was called as district leader two weeks ago so these last two weeks have been a little different. I will be going to do a baptisimal interview in another area this week so lets pray that I don~t mess that up;) haha I love this I am just flying by the seat of my pants a lot and love it:)

(We are serving here in São Francisco do sul mom look it up super pretty too. It is super historical and the 3rd oldest town in brazil so it is pretty neat to see the old churches and houses. We haven~t gone to the museum yet but we will try:) )

This week not alot of new things. We are just trying to help people grow in the church. A lot of less active members. This area is really catholic and the people who aren~t catholic are evangelicals so it is hard to get in doors but the doors we get in are people who really want to know about us so we don~t really waste time teaching people who aren~t interested. It is so funny to me that people respond to our invite with, No I already know it all. It is so funny that someone could think that they know everything about the Bible. It really shows that pride is the fundamental sin.

Anyways, this week we ate lunch with an investigator family. It was really nice just to sit and talk with them. Get to know them better. It was wonderful.

My companion and I had a little fight this week. I love him and we get along great but I said that he needed to work on his Pride and Charity (nicely of course) and apparently that was something that he had been working on so he felt like I was telling him he hadn~t progressed. It was an eye opening opportunity to me to see that even if I am right about something I can just keep my mouth shut or find better ways to convey my information to the people I am trying to help.

We spent 2 days up until 12 talking about our feelings (super fun!!) I actually enjoyed it becauase I felt like our companionship was way stronger afterwards. (great marriage training huh?) haha good thing that we speak the same languanges (by that I mean english and man-speak) so it went well and we are friends again.

Anyways good week,

I love you all and miss you. But this is amazing. I can~t imagine doing anything else right now. Somedays are hard but it really is a great privilege to serve and i just love it. This would be so boring in the states (sorry dad:)) but I love the challenges and adventures of Brasil. And it is good for my humility and my gratitude to know a different culture and lifestyle.


Elder Noel

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