Sunday, May 19, 2013

i'm coming home

Well this is probably my last email and since we talked yesterday I am not sure what to say. 


I guess it is sufficente to say that I worked really hard. For two years I worked for Heavenly Father. And that is about all I can say. 


Sometimes there were results sometimes there weren´t that was up to him and up to the agency of the people who recieved my message. I can say two things I never stopped working and i never broke rules. 


That seems to have been the test. 


The Lord wanted to see who would be obedient and who would work.


I learned to Love him here. I learned to love Heavenly Father more than I did before. I learned to work hard and love much.


I hope you all have enjoyed my emails thanks for all the support and for the love,


Elder Noel

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