Wednesday, June 15, 2011

First Letter

I´m alive!

This keyboard is a portugese one so please forgive any mistakes. i dont know how to push enter so i guess that this is going to be a big block letter. haha well my first week has been crazy. i love it here. Because im so good at charades i can kind of communicate with the brazillians. they brazilians are super cool they are really happy in general. though they don~t follow the rules. apparently in brazil rules are more guidlines. also in brazil no one runs on time. they just kind of show up whenever. it really makes me mad. but because i~m a spiritual person now i don~t get mad at anyone. my companion is a kid from fruitland idaho. nice kid. we don~t have a ton in common but we definately like each other. food is good but it gets kind of old. i miss moms cooking (i know mom you thought i~d never say that) it has only been a week.... that is pretty sad to think about. it feels lke forever. i check my watch almost 6 times a day because i can never remember what day it is. we spend almost 8 hours a day in classes mostly portugese but a lot of preach my gosple as well. i got a letter from hannah. i heard that you guys had a party for me the night i left. thanks for inviting her. tell her i responded although i have some skepticism about the brazilian postal system you guys should be getting a letter from me soon. i mailed it the first day i got here. i know this letter is all over the place but so am i so it is a really good reflection of my mental state and personality right now. i~m very excited to get into the mission field. very excited to preach about jesus christ. i~ve learned that our message is really about jesus christ. that is really all we have to talk about. everything else is auxiliary to the fundamental doctrine that jesus christ is our saviour and redeemer. what a beautiful message. it brings so much comfort and joy to know that he paid for our sins. we got to go to the temple today which was really nice. it helped me get some perspective on why we are here on earth. i love it here. some days are hard but i love it. it is crazy how sensitive you become over two days (long story about that on a later date i~m excited to keep learning. i~m trying to get this brazilian to teach me jujitsu. (watch out little brothers) i love you guys so much can~t wait to hear from you love elder noel (btw everyone here knows noel as cristmas. so i~ve become ender santa clause. good thing i brought my christmas tie)

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