Wednesday, June 22, 2011

plese remember that this portuguese keyboard is of limited functionality and this emial is going to be long and hiccupy... anyways..... I´m glad the trailer is fixed. i kind of felt bad leaving you guys with the trailer like that. by the way... any news on my truck? im excited to hear how much you get for it. though i already miss it. there are several guys here who had trucks like that (not diesels though :) so we talk about them a lot. they are all jealous of the jeep truck i have waiting for me. it is waiting for me right? i love it here. it is very hard. and the whole time i worry that my ability to teach and to talk to people by the spirit will be handicapped by portuguese (or the lack thereof). but i keep treasuring up the words with the faith that when the time comes they will be where i need them. the food here is actually pretty good. its brazilian themed cafeteria food so its very different and actually really good. but at the end of the day its still cafeteria food. the new sport here is volleyball so i~m working on my bump set spike. the brazilians consider your foot as part of the whole volley ball experience so things get really exciting really fast. haha i was worried about a lot of things back home. but i was reading the other day in d;c 6 versus 36 and 37. the lord expressely tells us to look to him in every thought and (doubt not, fear not) he reminds us that he is the Christ and that through him we can do all things. i found great comfort in that scripture and even put it on the back of my name tag. i also put a sticky note there that says (enjoy the day) it is a revelation my companion got and its kind of our theme. i realized that we spend so much time focusing on the forrest a mission and brazil and portuguese taht we forget to enjoy the trees. sometimes its more important to focus on one tree at a time. at the end of the day we can look back and see the forrest but we must not forget the individual attention that each tree requires. bad news... i didnt get to use any jujitsu. it is really difficult to schedule with someone who doesn~t speak your language. oh well i~m sure i~ll pick it up somewhere. HAPPY FATHERS DAY we were at choir practice working on a song chosen by the mission president~s grand daughter at about 7 00 pm. she got up and said ( i~m sure most of you know this but today is father~s day back in america) our entire district looked at each other and our eyes got really big. then we laughed at how much we had forgotten already. i love you dad. but honestly the spirit here is strong so i don~t feel homesick. i miss parts of home and definately being around the family but i know that i~m doing what i~m supposed to and i~m at peace with my situation. i~ve been praying for peace all week to relax and let things at home work themselves out. it has been such a miracle to witness the feelings that have overtaken me as i~ve jumped into the work. i appreciate all your prayers and your support. i love you all Elder Noel
oh and tell romney i love him. also tell him that if you have a car to work on its a great place to hide from any unwanted attention. tell him if he gets really greasy then mom won~t want him to come inside :)

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