Tuesday, September 13, 2011


My shoes are hurting. My clarks are wearing down (one elder said his only lasted 6 weeks) and my rock ports (amazing becasue they are waterproof) already have the sole separating at the front. Clothes are good. Its going to be a long two years of white shirts haha. And garmets are really tough because they never really dry.

As far as wash goes we have a machine (not really sure how it works becuase i~ve never seen it spin... haha) and no dryer everyone here air drys, not really sure why becuase the climate is a lot like seattle... so garments are moldy some times.

Money comes on cards and we just use our cards to withdraw money on the first and 15 of every month. It is really easy for us. i have 70 us dollars in my bag but don~t ahve anywhere to change it so we´ll see how that works out haha.

haha they don~t have laundry mats here haha it really is 3rd world like sometimes. Others it is like america but it is really different haha I thought it would be like america but it deffinately is not haha. But I love it. Ithink the Lord knew I needed to come here for 2 reasons. 1 humble myself while learning the langauge and 2 give me something to do for 2 years. I think this would get boring in the us after a while. This is like a new adventure everyday. haha crazy here.

Oh today or tomorrow I am going to make syrup for my pancakes. I have pancakes almost every morning becuase I am starving a lot haha.

Ok glad to hear my huskies are one and 0:) hahaha

Had my first baptism this week. Was .... interesting. Family that I told you about. I expected to feel the spirit super strong but it was kind of so-so. It is really different here. The members wear jeans and t shirts haha just a more relaxed culture. I had to baptize the wife twice which was terrible because she had a fear of water.... yeah..... haha but we survived. They will be super strong in the Gosple. They cry at sacrament meeting every week.

My companion is a really good guy. Its interesting because I see myself in Him. He is a really good teacher and knows his scriptures really well. He is really confident in himself and loves talking to people which is really hard for me because i am really objective oriented so I~m more like a fish or cut bait with investigators but he is more talk talk talk. Which stresses me out a ton!!! haha He is really in love with his fiance (they do that here get engaged and go on missions) which means that he talks about her a lot.

One thing i~m also learning is the importance of planning. When we don~t plan the night before I always know that my day will be worse the next day. I really cant do a whole lot in the planning sessions but I try.

Sometimes it is really lonely here. I can~t participate in conversations and people are kind of impatient with foreigners (kind of like I was before my mission haha oh how perspective changes) But we have a great ward and the bishop always helps us when we need it.

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