Sunday, September 25, 2011

I cook

I am loving cooking. I am kind of on a health food thing right now. My pancakes have oats in them and I made granola in a frying pan. I even put a little postum (cevada) in them. Here is my homemade postum maker:)I talk to the sisters in the wards and I get tips from them. Haha if only I had more time to try things out. I learned how to make rice in a frying pan, and how to make beans (brazilian style)

Mission really is like a mini life. I am born here to my ^pai^ and I really can~t do anything. I learn from him about the missionary work and then I get to live my own life. I hope my sins with him are his fault like they were before I was 8 haha.

Do you have any ideas for sweets in one pan? I really want to make cake or cookies or something but don~t have a whole lot of options without an oven; We can get eggs, really cheaply actually. I can find almost everything here, incredients wise, that we have in the states but it might be really expensive. So give me some ideas and i~ll make substitutions and have experiments :)

My companion really likes peanut butter, they don~t have that here, and I think he would love reeses, because they don~t have them here and he loves peanut butter and chocolate.

This week was better for us. Rained less and was easier to find people in their houses. Last week we had 15 appointments fall through. It was awful. We walk everywhere so it was alot of time walking around and little time teaching. Frustrating to say the least.

I got stung by a bee... sitting in someones house felt something on my neck and swatted it.. Ouch. haha

Silvia came to church! It was amazing to see her there. We finally got an investigator to come to church. We have a new investigator named Nilo. He is a really chill guy but he commited to october 8th as a baptismal date. Pray that we can have that happen but more importantly that we can build a relationship with members so that he stays strong in the church.

THEY HAVE POSTUM IN BRASIL!!!! Its called cevada and its just ground roasted barley. You make it like coffe with a filter and everything. I made a coffee maker out of a 2 liter bottle and a coffee filter. I feel so grown up drinking it haha. Sometimes I drink it black just because it makes me feel like a cow boy.

I am drinking the water here now.. I hope i don~t die. I really can~t find a way to use the water filter bottle they give us. They want us to use it always even in the house of members. But I can~t find a way to use it without being rude and the water here is really clean.

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