Sunday, October 9, 2011

October 3, 2011

I did get to see conference! And here it is way different. Times are 1 to 3 and 5 to 7 so a lot different. Also people go to the chapel to watch because they don~t have internet in their houses. It is so much more powerful with a group of people. I wish we did that in the states. I did think about you guys having a picnic and I was jealous. haha

I can find good shoes here for good prices so I should be good. Thanks. My clarks just hurt to wear because the sole is thin now and we walk on rocks and my rock ports are fixable. haha

This week was rough but good. Learned a lot and got to see the progress One thing I trying to develop right now is charity. I have no problem loving people who need love or who are hurting but I have problems loving people who are disobedient or who directly defy the rules.

This transferencia I am pretty much guaranteed a new companion in this area. This will be interesting because I think that I could be a senior companion but at the same time I have a lot to learn and this scares me. haha so I am ready to trust in the Lord and be his servant.

I loved that quote by Marion g Romney too! That when we truly give our hearts to God our desires to act contrary to his will will die. I am thinking about ways I can give my heart to him.

Speaking of obedience it is interesting to me to see people’s attitudes on this. Rationalization is so dangerous. People rationalize little things and soon find themselves outside the safety of the commandments. It is a dangerous thing that I pray I can understand and keep myself away from.

Oh btw imagine the united states with a 1 month mail strike... brazil is almost 1 month without mail. haha That is crazy to think about. here people are still relaxed. In the states people would be rioting in the streets haha. Crazy.

We were teaching gustavo and fernanda (recent converts) and she has lots of duvidas. Her duvidas are questions regarding the name of God and if fasting without paying fast offering is `valid` we had prayed before this lesson and we had the spirit really strong. It was amazing because I could work with my companion. We both talked and both explained doctrines of the gospel. It was a powerful day. We taught them until 11 at night :/ haha he doesn~t get off work until 830 and they just needed to talk so we just listened and responded.

Oh here are some pictures of me in Brazil, these pictures are in the nicest neighborhood i~ve seen here and do not reflect the general standard of living in anyway.

Oh btw thank you for not having a tv in the house. I hate tv. People watch it always their kids watch it always and the spirit is so much different without the tv. I don~t want one in my house. haha

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