Sunday, October 9, 2011

September 26, 2011

This week I grew a lot. Last week my companion told me that I need to have confidence in him and this week I have tried to do that. It made a huge difference. I was so worried about not being a bad missionary that i lost sight of what a good missionary is. He really is a good missionary. Perfect... No. But a fantastic missionary. Our differences really are just that, differences. He sees people and I see objectives. My schedule is a planned event and his is flexible agenda. There are advantages to both and my job right now is to learn his style and then adapt mine when latter.

This week we had an exchange. (divisao) And I basically got to be senior companion for a day. It was really good for my confidence. My companion is someone who dominates conversations and I have no problem with that in English or Portuguese I like to listen and understand situations and talk when I think there is something that needs to be said ( i know that wasn~t true at the dinner table but in social situations in general thats how I am haha) Having him gone was nice because I could have relationships with people. I really am progressing quickly with the language. I try to think in protugese and learn 4 new words every day. The program for new missionaries is 12 weeks of training with the same companion and is designed to have Elders ready for mission leadership after 12 weeks. This is my goal. Be ready to be a senior companion after 2 transfers.

Go Dawgs:) haha

I am learning a lot about my mission. My president is a run run run type of president. And sometimes this is really good. Other times it is not so good. For example we had a zone conference on P-day today. Which means we got up at 5 rode the bus for an hour and had an amazing conference until 3 30 and now have to ride an hour back and p-day ends at 6. With an hour of email we basically have no time for (preparation).

Elder Bednar gave a talk about the difference between Doctrines, Principles and Applications of the Gosple. I find that when we follow applications we can understand doctrines and principles but we need to show our obedience first. I have so much I am learning haha I want to write it all but I can~t.

Oh heard you got the truck up to the road. Thanks

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