Sunday, January 15, 2012

Well not my favorite week on the mission..... that is too say it was a rough week.

I am not working with the assistant again but rather working with the junior companion in my new area. We got moved out of the rich beach area to just the normal beach area and we are getting to know the area and we are working with that companionship. The senior companion there is my trainer, he is a Zone Leader in my zone so its good to see him and talk to him so more.

But his junior companion is not someone who really works.... so this week has been really really frustrating for me to stay positive. Especially because there was some problems with some missionaries. So the zone leader has been working with the assistant to resolve that and I got stuck a lot with this Elder. He just doesn~t have a vision for the mission so he is just kind of coasting and it drives me nuts I start stressing out. And since it is not my area I don~t know anything and I don~t really have spiritual experiences with investigators because I don~t have any. But the lord really does help he does give a few great lessons here and there to help out my attitude and some good words from my companion. So things are good.

Brazil is basically one big party from Christmas to Febuary (when carnival ends) so this normal beach area had a ton of just naked people. Which is kind of stressing because I feel very uncomfortable, partly because we stand out a ton and partly because it is just a constant headache of where to look and where not to. So this week was tiring.

Anyways that was my week. haha


Glad to hear that everyone is going well back in Issaquah. Hey at our conference we watched the new Church film called 17 miracles don~t know if you guys have seen it but it is amazing ( maybe I already told you that I am tired and confused haha)

Lets see what I can write about. Oh this week I have developed a plan for this year. I usally make goals but this year is a little different because I don~t have any quantative metas that I can make so I am making a plan to change myself this year. The way I see it this is the only year that I have to be dedicated to the Lord. It probably will be the only year January to January that I have to give to him so I am using it. Every month I will work on an attribute of Christ found in Preach My Gosple and study it and memorize a scirpture on it.

This month is Faith in Christ. It is interesting that this is an attribute of Christ. I have thought a lot about the faith that He had to have. Imagine how hard it would be to say I am the Son of God. Imagine the faith that would take. To die believing that if you died that you could live again and that through you everyone else could live again too. It really is an amazing concept to think about the faith that he had.

I have also been thinking a lot about the purpose of the scriptures and how I should use them. I am going to change the way I read them. With more of a focus to understand God and less of a focus to understand the scriptures.

I love you guys so much.

Miss all of you!!!

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