Monday, February 20, 2012

Oh wow what a wonderful week.Besides getting the news that Hamilton Became a 4 time Regional Champ this week was great:)We are teaching two families right now. Jonathan and Jessica, and Valdo and Kelly. They both need to be married and Kelly and Valdo have word of wisdom problems (nothing too serious but enough to keep them out of the font)We have been working hard with them. We made a marriage proposal to Jonathan and he accepted.(it was adorable :) So pray that we can get those two married. Jessica loves the church and she would be baptized right now but Jonathan is a little more stubborn and he pretty much rules the relationship. He has had a rough life and likes to feel more intelligent than people. Which is really easy to do with two foreigners who don~t have any education. So teaching him is an exercise in humility and patience. He won~t do anything that isn~t his idea so the trick is getting him to think that getting baptized and married is something he wants to do. It is a little tricky sometimes but with the spirit we are helping him progress. We need prayers that he can get the documents he needs to get married and that Jessicas desires can help him know that this is something he wants to do. Valdo and Kelly are progressing so much! She went to church without him this week becasue he was working which is huge! She really likes the church but she has some doubts. They need to be married too and we are working with them on that. We invited them to be baptized this week and she thought about it for a long time but said no. I think he would be if we pushed it but everyone needs their own time so we are just helping them progress. He had a brother die about a year ago and the spirit world is so powerful to him. We taught them about baptisms for the Dead which we were pretty scared of because it is some pretty deep douctrine but we felt like that is something we needed to do. The next sunday she came to church and 3 youth bore their testimonies on the powerful experiences they had in the temple that week. One girl talked about doing baptisms for people she knew and how powerful it was. It was so powerful! The Lord really does tell us what we need to teach. When we are flexble and humble enough to listen. Also this week, We ate lunch with a family and then asked them to help us plan a lesson with a lady that night. We explained our doubts to them and asked for their conversion story to help us plan. She looked at us and said, you guys are really special do you know that? She then asked for email addresses of our families so she could email. So mom you should be getting an email this week from her. Then we went to that lesson at a members house. And he had been calling us (boys) since we arrived here. But yesterday for the first time he called us Elders. And he told us how much he appreciated the work we were doing. It is amazing how much peope recognize your service. We have been trying not to worry about numbers but rather about people and it is so rewarding to see that the members recognize our work. I am not writting this to be prideful just to show how much the lord helps us when we need it. When we need a boost he gives it too us. I am learning so much. I spent today studying the difference between the angel that talked to king Benjamin in Mosiah 3 and the Angel that talked to Nephi in 1 Nephi 11 and how they both used the words Great Joy to describe the wonderful news of the attonement. That is why we should teach. The lessons are not about Joseph Smith or the true Church but rather about the wonderful news that the way to fully access the atonement has been restored. The full knowlege of its ´power is here again. That is why we are here. That is why I am here. Love you guys!!Wright

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