Monday, February 6, 2012

Ok so another great week.We have been asking people how we can help them have missionary experiences in their homes and then responding with suggestions when they don~t know how to answer. Our principle suggestion is to have a family prayer about who to ask to a family night or to church. Monday we had a family night as a result of this. The couple was really nice. Not super interessed in the church but super nice to us and receptive to our message. We ended up teaching them a little more on saturday and left a Book of Mormon and a challenge to read it. We have another appointment this Saturday. (Adam and Ana Paula)Wednesday we met with this couple Valdo and Kelly. When we taught the Plan of Salvation to them we really helped him to undestand the spirit world and he then told us about his brother that died so we applied the plan to his family and it was amazing. He really opened up. When we met wednesday he had already read all of 1st Nephi and was wanting to read more. He asked how it was fair that only some people knew about this so we explained the spirit world again to him and applied his brother. It was amazing! Heavenly Father really does love us and when we teach people He gives us guidance to teach them and not the lessons. It is marvolous how the Lord opens up my mind when I am interested in teaching the person and not the lesson. Sunday we had this family come to church and they loved it. I was usally upset because our meetings are loud because of the kids but they loved that. They said it felt like a family in the church. It was amazing (i know I use that word a lot but my english vocabulary is a little limited now haha) to see the light that they had and the excitement that they have to know more. We need your prayers to know how to teach them. We also had a family night last night with a member and a woman named Juraci. She expressed some doubts in the lesson and the brother and sister responded to her doubts!! We didn~t have to say anything. I just sat back and watched as the Lord used one of His children to answer the prayers of another. It was so powerful. The work is progressing here. I can feel the members getting excited and the branch is ready to grow. Pray for us that we can keep working hard and recognize the lord in our work. I love this so much. I have missed having people progressing and having people that we can help. I love this!!!Miss you guys a lot,Congrats on the wrestling win. Tell Nate congrats for me that is awesome that he is there that young :) And shane!! Good work Shane!!Love you guys!Wright

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