Friday, May 25, 2012

May 14th, 2012

It was so good to talk to you guys!!

I miss you.I am convinced that talking to the family makes it worse more than it helps. haha but oh well.

So you worried me about my truck.... if the seat is torn now and the seatbelt doesn~t work anymore I am a little worried that it wont~get the value it wouldn have gotten when I was there. If that is the case take the brush guard off (hamilton knows how) and sell the truck for a lower value and I will use the brush guard to spruce up my next truck (or my honda civic as the case may be haha)

It was good to see everyone. Blonde hair on the boys was a little wierd but it looked pretty cool so I liked it. The girls seemed quiet and shy by maybe that is because I couldnt hear very well. haha

Kindles and I pads and Yoga and Garmins.... the blessings of having a missionary are coming in pretty well huh? haha It was cool to see how much is changing and hear that you guys are doing well.

My companion and I had a little fight last night. I brought up something that bugged me. I was just going to let it go but I figure this is all good practice for marriage right? So i said it. He comes from a family where the mom and dad didn~t sleep in the same bed for about 4 years so his way of dealing with relationships is completely different than mine and so we had a little discussion. But no tears or yelling so it is all good.

Oh in this email from President he informed us of a new program they are doing. It is called the winter coat program. They have asked all American misisonaries to ask for a coat from their families. It can be used or new or anything but the coats here are really expensive and the mission doesn~t have enough money to buy them for missionaries that don~t have them. some of the brazilians from the north have never needed a coat and don~t have so they are asking this now. If you guys don~t have the money to buy a coat please use the money from my account to buy one and send it to the mission office. Just address it to President Fernandes or something like that and specify that it is a coat and it will all work out well.

Love you guys! Thank you so much for all the support,


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