Friday, May 25, 2012

May 7, 2012

So I am assuming that my time to call you guys is good? 7 o´clock here which is 2 o´clock in the afternoon there. Should be fine right? If not reply before sunday because at 7 o´clock sunday I will open up my email to make sure it will all work out. So good luck! haha

I thought Elder Aiken was transfered a while ago? I sent him a letter about 4 months ago but he never replied..... oh well if you see him give him a hug for me.

This week I am a little frustrated with the branch here. That family we found is waiting on an interview so that the dad can baptize his daughter. I have been waiting for 3 weeks to get this interview done. It is frustrating but oh well. This área is diffucult because people don~t really stay here. It is a tourist town and people move in and out. We are working right now with 5 potencial Priesthood holders of the Melquesideque priesthood that have firm roots here so if we can get the branch excited about that it is five new families that could help change this branch. We need lots of prayers.

This week we visited Andrei. His baptism is marked for the 26th of May. The transfer is on the 22nd so we will see who is here and who is not haha. He wears earings. We had never talked about Earrings with him before and I was pretty hesitant to say anything about them. But yesterday we decided that we would talk about it. When we said it he got this weird look on his face and said wow I was just about to say something about that. As of tomorrow I won~t be using them anymore.

It is amazing how the Gosple acts on people. It is making changes in the lives of so many people. If people are just willing to live it then they will see miracles in their lives. Jonathan who is an intelligent but hard headed man has completely changed because of the Gosple. He was pretty against baptism because of some things that he was uncomfortable with but after 4 months in church reading the Book of Mormon and reading other books of the church he is ready to be baptized. He is just waiting on a marriage that can~t be done because his wife is 17 but she will turn 18 in july and we will have a baptism for them as well. Pray for them because they will move to another area here in a little and I hope that the missionaries there can be patient enough with him to help him be baptised. It is probably good he is moving because he has offended about every male member here. hahahaha

This week we also taught Alda. A less active member that we found through a miracle. She had a friend over and the friend was from a different church. Alda, with all the energy of a young missionary began to explain how Joseph Smith compiled the plates and burried them and that Moroni discovered them. After we fixed that little point of doctrine she explained how just like God talks to this ladies preacher he also talks to the Prophet...... It is a good thing that Preach My Gosple says that we should work with members or else I would not work with them at all hahaha but we love Sister Alda she is an amazing lady who has suffered a lot. Her activity in the church is the result of sacrifices that she makes. She is amazing.

Well this week was another good one. Give everyone my love and in 6 days we will see eachother on the SKYPE!

love you,


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