Monday, July 2, 2012

Ok so this week was exciting. 

Wednesday we went to eat lunch at the house of Roberto. He made some french fries for us and we were eating a delicious lunch when his wife asked him to make some more fries for the daugter who was coming to eat lunch. She put the pan of oil on the stove and told him about it. 

We were eating and talking and he (we, but really him because it is his house) forgot about it. Then he remembered and went in to find the oil on fire. So we were opening the windows and clearing the house as he put a lid on the pan and the fire went out. I went into the kitchen to see how it was and he took the lid off the pan. The pan started to smoke and he grabbed it to take it outside. As he was walking to the door it caught fire again and as he moved the oil spilled onto his hand and arm. As he let the pan go the oil (now spread out in the air) caught fire in a big fire ball.

At this point Elder Noel is in disbelief that this is happening right before his eyes and doesn~t really know what to do. 

The brother was more worried about his autistic son who had followed him into the kitchen and was right by his side when the pan caught fire. I grabbed the boy and carried him out of the kitchen as the sister called the ambulance. The brother went into the bathroom and was about to put water on his arm when I remembered that oil burns shoudn~t be put directly under water (or thats what I thought I couldn~t quite remember my first aid merit badge) Anyways I yelled Não água!!! (Water no! ) and ran into the bathroom and wrapped a towel around his arm. Then we soaked the towel in water and wrapped it around his arm. 

Anyways he is fine now with 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his hand and arm but he is recovering well. His autistic son was only burned by 3 drops of oil that fell on his hand. That is it. Only 3 drops of oil. Heavenly Father was watching. I saw that pan explode. It was like a movie his whole body was covered in fire and the son that was right next to him was unharmed. 

So I with 2 bus accidents, 1 severe burning and various epileptic seizures from my companion (5 and counting) this area is hands down the most exciting area on the mission. haha

Oh Kelly and Valdo, who I talked about when I was here with Elder Grondel decided to start investigating the church again!! We made some goals yesterday with her so that she could get a testimony. (Just as a side note her husband said he had a dream with `the prophet` where I and the prophet walked in and knelt down and started praying for Kelly. I thought he dream about president monson because he had seen a picture of him in the church. But i grabbed the gosple principles book and showed him a picture of the Prophets and said was it one of them? He looked and said it was this one and pointed to a picture of Presidente Hinkley!! He said but he was younger and didn~t have glasses. He had never seen a picture of him before and had no Idea who he was. But in the dream I and my companion (President Hinkley) walked in knelt next to Kelly who was laying on the bed and started praying for her. Cool huh! Pray that we can help her get a testemony. 

Well thanks for the love and the support. I love you all. It is great to be out here. 



P.S. this week our class of gosple principles with new members and in actives was bigger than the gosple doutrines class. people kept telling me congratulations but I felt bad because I feel like I havn~t really done a lot. More like I just received blessings from Heavenly Father. But either way the branch is growing!!! 

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