Monday, July 23, 2012

So my companion was emergency transfered out of the area after he had 2 little mini seizures on the street. Pretty interesting. Luckily we had 2 other missionaries with us so we were able to keep him from falling down but still a little interesting. 

My new companion is also a short term missionary who is living in the state and waiting to go on his full time mission. He is cool and we will get a long well. These last three weeks in the area will go fast. 

This week we had a little miracle with Kelly and Valdo (the family from my time with Elder Grondel) she cooled off and then recently has started wanting more. After a few lessons we made some promesses about things that we would each do (her, me my companion and her husband) to help her get a testimony. After little progess we had a lesson with her on saturday night where i felt impressed to stress the importance of quiet prayer with the book of Mormon. I told her to go into her room and read and pray quietly to get a testimony. 

The next morning before church we stopped by and talked to her and she told us that she had done what we asked and that she just opened the book randomly to Alma 5 (haha) and started to read. She read vs 40 That says that everything good comes from God and everything bad comes from the Devil. She took that to mean that she needs to follow a church. She just needs to have a stronger confirmation that THIS church is the church that she needs to follow. Pray for her she is so close!!!

Ademar and Adainane got all their papers ready and are going to start the marriage papers today!!! I hope I am still her for the wedding!!!  

Next week we will get a new branch presidente I think i know who it will be (he was the only one called to the stake offices yesterday... hmmmm) and he will be great. We will do miracles with him. 

The work here is going great:)

This week I read in alma 17 about the mission of the sons of Mosiah. They were told by the Lord to go a preach the word of God.And after the lord said be patient in your suffering to give a good example of me to the lamanites. How important is a good example? we remember that in alma 24 the anit-nephi-lehites were examples of suffering even unto death and they just from the example converted thousands of their bretheren. I want to be a better example of Christ this next year. 

Love you all hope all is well,


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