Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22, 2012

Well I just got a call from the President telling me that I will be going to Chapeco.
So this week was kind of crazy with lots of made plans and fallen trough plans lots of contacts and some bright spots of progress with investigators. The highlight of the week was making cinnamon rolls with My companion and then making them bymyself  the next day for a family night. It was so cool to have members like them and things like that. I love cooking! haha unfortunately all the things I bought to help myself out here will have to be packed up because I was transfered.....

When the General Authority Elder Godoy came here he talked to us about two side of missionaries. The attributes side and the tactics side. That every missionary has these two sides the attributes to be like Christ and the Tactics to teach. I have thought a lot about that. As I read the book of Mormon I see that Moroni was so impressive because he understood the two sides. He had the attributes, but more importantly he understood that attributes are more impórtant than tactics. The lord rewards us based on our attributes. As moroni Prespared for war he put the attributes first. But he was also tactically brillant. He worked on the tactics and with inspiration he used tactics never before used. He was amazing.

I want to be like that. I want to have the Christ like attributes to see and help people and have the tactics to get things done.

I love you lots. I am so greatful for the prayers that you say for me. I am greateful that I have such a wonderful family that is truly faithful. I see so many problems here with kids because the parents don~t love each other or because the parents are more interested in themselves than the welfare of the family. I am so greatful for you two.

Thank you so much for everything.




Hey so I tried to make bread this morning lets see how it works out:)

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