Monday, November 12, 2012

another crazy week

So this week was pretty crazy. 

From Chapecó (where I am right now) to Florianopolis. (Where I need to go to the mission meetings) is 11 hours on a bus. On tuesday i went to Florianopolis. On Thursday i came back. haha and both the buses were at night which means that i didn~t sleep this week because monday was the transfer and I was getting elders at the bus station all night. But it was a great meeting with Presidente Fernandes and this area is really special. 

We have marked 3 baptisms this week. That is crazy. How many baptisms did I mark in 8 months in Sao Fransisco? .... 2. haha it is really strange to have people accepting us and accepting baptism. I actually don~t really know what to do. hahaha

My new companion is a really good Elder. He is a little hard in his leadership style but he is a great leader and wants to help the missionaries. He teaches well and is obedient. I think he is the best zone leader that I have seen all in all. I was a little offended by that at first because I am a prideful jerk who wanted to be better than him.I was a little rebelious in the beginning but then Heavenly Father gave me a little inspiration. He told me that This might be the last time on my mission that I have a chance to sit back and learn from someone. It has been 9 months since I have had a companion with more time than me on the mission and might be the last. So I should enjoy the time and the chance to learn. After I learned that I started having better feelings for him. 

Yesterday we had an incredible experience here. The branch President asked us to do a presentation called Project: Chapecó Temple. That is a little strange because here only has a district and hasn~t even turned stake but he asked us to do this. Then He moved back to Sao Paulo. My companion who was planning it all with me was transfered and one of the sisters who had a significant part was also transfered. All one week before the fireside. Leaving ME with all the responsibilty of something that I had recieved second hand. haha I prayed and fasted for help and we worked a lot to practice and perform well. 

We borrowed computers from members and a projector from another area (4 hours away another story and another miracle) and we got ready. We prayed and it turned out great. 

My companion was fantastic in envolving the crowd and the members got into the practices we did with them and the fireside had an incredible spirit that you could see in the eyes of the members as they left. I am so excited to see what happens here. I know that one day there will be a temple here. We just need to work more. 

It was such a strong testimony of the power of grace. We did all we could and Heavenly Father made up the rest. We couldn~t have done that fireside as well as we did alone. It just ins~t possible. we don~t have the skills or the resources but the members helped and Heavenly Father sent a special spirit to the meeting that was incredible. 

I love being a missionary. It is something so special. 


Just a little comment here. Our district is great. We have 4 great elders and 2 great sisters that are all hard workers and very spiritual. It is so fun to be part of a district like that. They are funny and we can laugh and learn and have a great time together. They were fantastic in the presentation and afterward we had a little party with cinnamon rolls (made by me) and there was just a special feeling when 6 righteous people are together to do something good. 


Well thank you all for everything that you do. For your prayers and for your thoughts. 


Love you all,



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