Sunday, July 17, 2011

The language is coming pretty quick. Its still super hard to understand people and its a spritiual struggle everyday to be surrounded by people who don~t speak your language but its also really fun. I used to think that God sent me here so I would be humble and rely on him not just my speaking skills, and i think thats part of it, but he also sent me here so I would have something to do. I~m so excited to learn the language. Its a challenge everyday and sometimes I win sometimes I lose. I~ve been thinking about how much I need the spirit to teach. I love teaching in portuguese because I can only do it with the spirit. It is impossible for me to teach without the spirit because I cannot speak portuguese. I~m ahead of most of my class in my ability to form sentences. I~m behind in vocabulary and grammar but because I have good language skills I know how to use the words i have to get my message accross. Too many kids try to translate directly what they want to say. The key is using the words you know and keeping your message simple. Don~t get too deep and let the lord speak through you. I love it here. Its hard. This week has been really hard. It is sinking in how long this thing is
. yesterday I did some shadow drilling. I really miss wrestling. I am seriously thinking about trying to wrestle at SVU when I get back. We´ll see. It is easy when I am not getting beat up to think about wrestling in college. but i do miss it. I did mountain climbers and pushups last night just so I could feel like I was in the wrestling room. I put my hoodie on and went at it. hahaha it felt so good.

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  1. Love reading these each week. Sounds like he is growing. :) Love his comments about wrestling, putting on his hoodie. lol