Thursday, July 21, 2011

I am learning so much stuff about life. haha Laundry doesn´t do itselft!! I know crazy huh. But at least here the washers are automated so they put in the soap and detergent for you. We live basically in dorm rooms with 6 people and study there in the mornings. companion study is done in the courtyard or classroom depending on the weather (i mean if its too hot we go inside) haha its crazy that it is winter here and I am sweating so much everyday.
I did get the cookies. i only ate 2 though. I gave the rest away. There are a lot of people here who could use a cookie so I found ways to give them out. I honestly liked that better. Thank you so much they were such a great birthday gift. honestly that was probably my hardest day. haha Idk why it was pretty much the perfect storm of little things that just made that day really rough. I~m doing really well. The language is coming along well. I can now write out a plan in english and use the plan to teach someone. The hard part is understand other people. the brazilians talk really fast and they structure sentences different than us so it is hard to translate things. For example I ask de onde vocé e? (where are you from) that is one of two ways to ask the same questions today the the temple someone asked me (vocé e onde de)(and you are from where) its just a lot of little things. Luckily portuguese is a really system language. The conjucations are all pretty regular and once you learn the system you can use verbs and nouns in different tenses fairly easily. The hard part is talking like they would talk. but oh well its fun. I hope your camp goes well!! I know how amazing you are and how lucky those girls are to have you as a camp leader. (ps i sent romney a birthday letter today so keep and eye out for it)

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