Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I~ve struggled a lot of my life with why we need the gosple. If matt 8 is correct then many people who aren~t memebers of the church will get into the celestial kingdom so why do we need the gosple. We need it because it provides perspective. Those people who truly worship, not just go to church, realize that they are Children of God and that this life is nothing. Christ tells us that whoever Hates this life will find it in the next life. I sometimes hate mortality it is hard. But I remember that Christ loves me and that he fights for me.

This is my last email from Sao Paulo. I hope that you tell everyone that my address changed. I^m excited for the package:) I am so blessed to have you as my mom. I see so many missionaries who struggle just because their mothers never taught them the importance of little rules. They will not be the best missionaries just because they don~t know how to act like Christ like examples.I wish I had more time to write you guys but they crack down pretty hard here. Btw send pictures of your adventures I would love to see all the crazy stuff you do without me!!! I love you!!! Elder Noel
Wright's new address
Elder Wright M. Noel
Brazil Florianopolis Mission
R. Feliciano nunes Pires, 42 Centro
88015-220 Florianopolis- SC BRAZIL

This is the mission home. This address will be good for the rest of his time in Brazil. We may get an address to his apartment once he gets settles but this is a safe address to send packages and pictures and letters. Thanks for all your support, he really loves letters from home!

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